We are also training provider for Civil Engineering graduates and Diploma holders. Due to scarcity of right professional in Construction Quantity surveyors, we have tailored various training and development segment for engineers to undertake the competition in construction industry.

Our training programme is dedicated and focused on all aspects of the construction industry. We are enlisting our programme splitting in to various modules as follows:

  1. Practical Training for Quantity Surveyors – JUNIOR LEVEL
  2. Advanced Training for Quantity Surveyors – SENIOR LEVEL
  3. Training for QS & Project Coordinator –Gulf Oriented Course.
  4. Training Programme for Bar Bending Scheduler.

The entire objective of all workshops is to provide practical experience in the field of construction industries, which give candidates a solid understanding of principles and practical skills that would normally take many years of site experience to acquire. This kind of program needs to be training by highly experienced industry Experts like us.

All the workshops are ideal for anyone who has little (or) no site experience, but wants to gain valuable training to enable them to work successfully in construction industries including Gulf countries.

If you are unsure contact us, as we will be happy to discuss which course is suitable for you and also we are ready give free sample introduction about the programme.